Northshore Digital Photography | Testimonials



Mark Wilhelms, President of the Drumbeat Agency, Chicago, IL

We have used Tony’s images on web sites, collateral and even in a video. What he delivers is spot on in terms of our direction; the impact that he creates is his own secret sauce.

Jason Glickman, Berkley, CA

Our decorator fell in love with his big colorful landscapes; I am sure we get a number of them for our new house.

Gunnar Branson, President of the National Association of Real Estate Investors, Chicago, IL

I have used Tony exclusively for all our conferences in the last four years. He does an amazing job capturing people and locations. And the images seem to require little or no retouching for our brochures and slide shows.

Enoch Shully, General Manager, Bin 41 Restaurant, Chicago, IL

I am planning to use Tony’s images on the walls exclusively when we start to change the look of the restaurant.

Liz Gogola, Park District Marketing Director, Glenview, IL

We have used Tony for 3 shoots for our catalogs and collateral. He delivers excellent images on time and on budget.

Kate Pocock, PA, Raleigh, NC

His landscapes line my house. They remind me of where I grew up.