Northshore Digital Photography | Special Services

Special Services

  1. Attention to atmospherics - When shooting real estate in the Chicago market, I will always try to schedule shoots to coincide with favorable weather and the proper time of day. Generally I will shoot in the golden light hours to insure that the property is properly lit with as little distracting people and objects as possible.
  2. Unique shots of office buildings – If I am shooting a client’s building in a metropolitan area from upper stories, I will always try to shoot the exterior of adjacent buildings. Owners/ property managers of those buildings will sometimes allow me the reciprocity of shooting my client’s structure from their property.
  3. Special image sizing – Some clients request unique images and sizing. I teach Photoshop so I am capable of producing panoramas up to 360 degrees for use on web sites. I can also produce complex composite images and triptychs for either my images or client-supplied art.