Northshore Digital Photography | Installation: Bin 36 Restaurant

A new wine restaurant in Chicago was looking for arresting graphics to set the tone for their the trendy location. This place seats over 100 and they wanted something that would hit the eye immediately upon entering the place. My services were selected. One thing that separated me from the competition was the fact that I had wine images from both the United States and Portugal.

Ultimately my graphics were divided into five interior areas. For the bar area three 4x4 foot images were used to shout out that this place is all about wine. In the main dining area a 2.5 x 12 foot panorama, stitched from 11 exposures, allowed everyone in the room to see of the owner’s favorite vineyards in California (that I had visited). In the party room are 6 large images of six different varietal grapes. These are not only for decoration but used in the restaurant’s wine teaching classes. Lastly, four large, separately lit, images are in the hall to the restrooms. These are all of the downtown area, and unique to Chicago. All of the images on the wall were mine. I was selected as the winning resource because of the breadth and quality of the images I produce. All images were delivered on time and on budget.