Northshore Digital Photography | About
I have had a camera in my hand since I was very young. Other interests that helped shape me were building things (model sailing ships and wiring electronics from kits) and love of the outdoors (extensive sailing, skiing and hiking). I did not get serious about imaging until 2001 when I received a digital point and shoot as a present. In a very short period of time I found that digital photography combined three elements that I loved: imaging the outdoors, building things and technology. Within two years I had already bought my first prosumer DSLR and was learning Photoshop.

Over the ensuing years, I sharpened skills at numerous conferences, workshops, books and online tutorial sites. My first love is evocative landscape photography; my second is teaching photographic composition and digital post-production.

I also have been president of the 70-member (Chicago Botanic) Garden Photographic Society. In addition, I lead local composition workshops and lectures on Photoshop and travel photography.

Northshore Digital Photography was formed in 2005, primarily as a vehicle to sell commercial photography to the business sector. I have done a number of shoots for commercial buildings, real estate construction, municipal events, conferences and office art.

As of 2012, the firm has four areas of expertise:
- Business to business support (real estate photography, commercial interiors and custom web images)
- Fine art photography sales
- Photographic coverage of commercial/municipal events and conferences
- Teaching composition and post processing for intermediate and advanced photographers