My Process

The images on this site are bold and impactful. There two contributing reasons for it. 

  1. Every one of them has been shot “bracketed”. This means that there are at least two and up to as many as 8 exposures, of every subject. This input, done at the time of capture, assures that there is sufficient information to make a great image, no matter how bright the highlights are or how deep the shadows become. 

  2. In post processing, these extra images provide the extra data which allow a person using Photoshop to tease out the maximum impact of color and tonality.

In the example directly below, many interior shots of a house will have the view out the window completely overexposed…or conversely, the window exposed and the interior room in shadows. The combination of the two “right” exposures will produce a perfect balance:

Room Exposed RightRoom Exposed Right Exterior Exposed RightExterior Exposed Right Balanced Room ExposureBalanced Room Exposure
Interior Exposed Correctly Exterior Exposed Correctly Both Exposures combined


In the series below, the first group of exposures can be melded together to show off all the color and tonality that was actually there when the subject was photographed:

Example 1: Layers Before

Church DarkestChurch Darkest

Church Darkest

Church LighterChurch Lighter

Church Lighter

Church Lighter 2Church Lighter 2

Church Lighter 2



Church Lighter 3Church Lighter 3

Church Lighter 3

Church LighestChurch Lighest

Church Lightest

Layers After

Church FinalChurch Final

Church Final


Example 2: Layers Before

Ruins DarkRuins Dark

Ruins Dark

Ruins MediumRuins Medium

Ruins Medium

Ruins LightRuins Light

Ruins Light

Layers After

Ruins FinalRuins Final

Ruins Final

Example 3: Layers Before



Lighthouse DarkLighthouse Dark

Lighthouse Dark

Lighthouse LightLighthouse Light

Lighthouse Light


Layers After

Lighthouse FinalLighthouse Final

Lighthouse Final

Example 4: Layers Before

  Boat DarkBoat Dark

Boat Dark

Boat LightBoat Light

Boat Light


Layers After

Boat FinalBoat Final

Boat Final

Example 5: Layers Before

  Flower DarkFlower Dark

Flower Dark

Flower LightFlower Light

Flower Light


Layers After

Flower FinalFlower Final

Flower Final